Timeless Beauty Face toner


The timeless beauty is mild and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. it cleanses and tones the facial skin to reveal a youthful appearance. Helps in controlling and reducing redness or inflammation, fades away dark circles, helps in reducing and controlling acne pimples and spots and gives a flawless and even brightening effect. The perfect alternative to the Skin active toner.



                                HOW TO USE 

Use with cotton wool. Clean skin, with particular emphasis on dark spots and problematic areas. Can be used minimally to reduce dark circles around eye area. Use once daily, Preferably at night time.


Tips: We recommend getting a bottle with a spray cap nozzle, pour in the contents of your timeless beauty, and use this as a carry along face mist during the day to rejuvenate dull and tired skin for an instant glowing boost. Just close your eyes, keep nozzle a few inches away from face and spray all over to experience the glow up. 

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