The Golden Charm - Complete Indonesian Package


This package consists of products for full transformation of both face & body. 

The Golden charm - a luxurious, rich and deeply moisturising, hydrating and brightening package, gives a beautiful, flawless, even toned, radiant GOLDEN & YELLOW UNDERTONE. Suitable for those seeking a subtle yet noticeably brighter complexion without the whitish effect. Use as much or as long as desired, without worrying about getting too bright in skin tone. 

Another staple of beauty wonder from the HOUSE OF PELS! 


Bundle includes: Golden Charm Body cream, Restoration oil, Jamila Facecream, Russian scrub, Indonesian native soap, Acne/Anti-aging soap, Shade me Sunscreen, Skin active toner. 


                HOW TO USE

Russian Scrub: Scrub all over dry or wet skin (preferably dry or slightly damp), from neck down.  Leave on for 5-10 minutes (we recommend to scrub & go on about other business to avoid boredom), then rinse off with lukewarm or hot water (not scalding hot) or as preferred. Use twice weekly. 

Indonesian native soap: Apply to damp skin. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use once or twice daily. Not compulsory to leave on 5 minutes every time of use. 

Restoration & Healing oil: For best results, apply to dripping wet skin (neck down) after bath or shower - no need to towel dry - Rub in until fully absolved then move on to your body cream. Use twice daily. 

The Golden Charm Body Cream:  Apply to moist skin from neck down after using oil. Use once or twice daily, if once, then preferably at night time. For quicker results, Use without the oil but ensure to have used oil during the day to maintain moisture and hydration.  Use everyday. 



Anti-Acne Face wash or Acne & Anti-aging Face-soap: Lather on wet skin with fingertips, leave on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse. Use once or twice daily, changing between each as desired. 

Skin active toner: Use with cotton wool. Clean skin, with particular emphasis on dark spots and problematic areas, making sure to avoid eye area (do not rinse off). Use once daily, Preferably at day time.

'Babyface’ face cream: Slightly dampen skin with very cold water before use. Apply to clean and damp skin with very clean fingertips. Rub in until fully absolved. Use once daily, preferably at night time. 

 Shade me SPF100: Apply evenly on skin. Use before applying make up. Use once daily at day time. Can be used after facecream or before. Can also be used minutely with foundation for Make up. 


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