The City Series: Multi-Use Eye Shadow Palette


Are you a patriot and lover of Africa?. Then, welcome to a new DESTINATION: NIGERIA. Treat yourself and upgrade your look with this long lasting rich and pigmented set of amazing shadow colours, rich in vitamin E & Jojoba. 

"We created the City series to trigger a feeling of home & nostalgia within our vast clientele, especially those who are abroad and haven't visited home in a while. its nothing spectacular really, but just a fun game we played by designing and naming our colours after geo political zones and states in Nigeria. The idea was to remind customers of the diversity, culture, heritage and beauty that is so inherent in our Continent" - CEO, Dabota Cosmetics.

Try 'Port-harcourt', 'Lagos', 'Warri' or 'Benin' for a very dench daytime look or transition to 'Sokoto', 'Enugu' or 'Calabar' for a dramatic and sultry evening effect!.

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