The Belle of Indonesia! NATIVE WHITENING SOAP (100g)




Indonesian Native soap!

An organic & native formula made purely from herbal & natural actives.

Native to the deep forests & mountains of Indonesia!This soap is Super whitening & perfect for clearing & protecting the skin against dark spots, dark knuckles on the hands & feet. It also clears body acne, rashes, & reactions from insect bites.

Suitable for all skin types!



APPLY all over on damp skin - neck down - Leave to rest for 10-15 minutes. Dampen skin & apply Native soap all over again! Then sponge! Rinse off with lukewarm to cold water. 

N.B; It is advisable to use a moisturising product after using the Indonesian native soap. A good option would be either a body cream or body oil to prevent an over drying effect which may occur! 

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