Stretch-mark removal body set


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100% Organic Stretchmark & scar body set

Our stretch set helps improve the appearance of stretch-marks & scars! It promotes a unified and smooth surface skin appearance with less visible marks.

The combo puts together our best-selling spotless by mama 10 oil (which not only helps with Stretchmarks & scars, but also helps improve & fade spots, discolourations & sunburn) our renowned Spotless body cream - made with fractionated Shea butter, Rosemary oil, Argan oil, Rose-hip oil, Emu Oil, Coconut oil, Collagen, Vitamin E & other essential ingredients! 

Visible results within 2-3 weeks.



Apply oil on damp skin after bath/shower. Rub in until fully absolved. Then apply Stretchmark body cream over skin neck down! 

Ingredients list

Calendula oil, Rosemary oil, Chamomile oil, Vitamins D3, A & E, Fractionated Shea butter, Alpha Arbutin, glycerin,  fractionated Shea butter, Argan oil, Rose-hip oil, Emu Oil, Coconut oil, Collagen & other essential ingredients!


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