Skin Romance Moisture Plus


It's ashy skin season and you certainly do not want to be caught out with scaly and wrinkled skin. The Pels International Skin Romance Moisture Plus is an all purpose body moisturiser. Suitably designed for even the most dry, scaly and/or breaking skin, it locks & binds in moisture to the skin, provides long lasting hydration, rebuilds weak and thinning skin, fades and eliminates white patches, eczema, rosacea, or skin redness. It's perfect for autumn and winter season, and also a great accompaniment to those using either of the Cleopatra Royale lotion or Russian white body Cream to promote skin elasticity, and maintain a healthy glow.




                     HOW TO USE 

Apply to damp skin and rub in until fully absolved. Best used accompanied with the Restoration & healing oil for maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. Use with Cleopatra Royale lotion and Russian white body to promote uniform results. 






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