Skin Active - Face & Body toner


A.K.A the 'Belle face' toning cleanser,  purifies, tones and cleanses the skin in one step. A very active solution for stubborn and barbaric acne, spots, blemish, and acne scars, the skin active toner minimises the appearance of imperfections leaving the face looking and feeling clearer, toned, refreshed and visibly brighter. 


TIPS: Use once daily in combination with the Jamila facecream and Anti/Aging facesap for best results. 


  •           Tightens & Closes Pores 
  •           Skin appears Visibly Brighter 
  •           Refreshing purifying toner & cleanser 
  •           Removes make up residues and impurities 



                         HOW TO USE 

Use with cotton wool. Clean skin, with particular emphasis on dark spots and problematic areas, making sure to avoid eye area (do not rinse off). Use once daily, Preferably at day time.

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