SERENA | Super Whitening Mini Combo (recommended)


This combo is super effective & fast for whitening, moisturising & deep hydration of the skin. It causes absolutely NO side effects such as Dark knuckles, white dots, stretchmarks & scars, discolouration or blemishes, but instead helps to improve & eliminate the appearance of such if already existing on your skin. In the case of existing dark knuckles - Please consider the  Dark knuckle removal cream to help with improvement. 


100% organic body whitening combo!! 

Brought together for a safe whitening & exfoliating process. It will deeply moisturise & hydrate dry skin, which makes it perfect for stubborn & dry skin. It will promote a healthy, well nourished, luminous & radiantly brighter skin complexion just a within a week of use.

Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin as all products within are formulated with herbal & plant extracts for your skin’s nourishment & health!

Enjoy a safe skin whitening process that offers the healthiest, brightest & smoothest results ever experienced - courtesy of our SERENA by Mabask.

Beautiful & illuminated skin will be your REWARD with this combo😍



ISLA Body scrub; Apply to slightly damp skin & scrub all over neck down. Leave to rest for up to 30-45 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. 

Serena soap; Apply on slightly damp skin. Leave to rest for up to 5 minutes then apply again & wash/rinse off. Use once or twice daily. Although, mainly used as face soap, this soap is also recommended and can be used all over the body. It helps tackle and improve dark spots & scars on the skin & promotes a brighter radiating complexion.

ISLA Healing oil; Apply after bath/shower on damp or wet skin. Rub in until fully absolved then apply body cream all over. Not recommended to pour and mix into lotion. Recommended to use with whitening creams, it helps promote an even skin tone thereby preventing the appearance of coke n Fanta syndrome on the skin. 

Serena body cream: apply generously to skin from neck down after applying oil. Can be used without the oil also. This product contains SPF30 & thus can also be used during the day without damage to the skin from UVA/B rays. 

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