SERENA | Full Package (Face & Body)


Choose organic! Choose natural. Feed your skin with nourishing & sustainable ingredients & may radiant skin be your reward!!😍

VISIBLE RESULTS WITHIN 7-10 days guaranteed!

Only looking at this package! One may shake her head & think uh uh - “There’s just too many products in there”😂

We kind of agree! It does look so. However, we promise it’s not like that 😌

You’ll only ever need to use 3 or 4 products during the day & 4 products at night. This is already a regular & standard routine amongst most women, if you take into account the number of products you use from when you step into your shower/bath to when you get dressed. It’s almost the same thing really.

Plus if you really want to achieve the best whitening results from your first try, including an improvement of skin discolouration, sunburn, & and an overall clarity.

This is like the number one recommendation & we promise you won’t spend ages in the bathroom!

Let us tell you how!


DAY TIME regimen;

1) ISLA LIQUID body Scrub; Only twice in a week! So you’re kind of free for the remaining 5 days. Allow 3-4 days between each scrub.

2) Serena whitening bar soap - Morning only. Can be used for face & body.

3) Serena whitening oil - Morning only. 1/4 of this can be mixed with your Serena body cream to boost results.

4) Whitening day Face cream - Morning only

5) Serena Extra whitening body cream - Optional for day. Contains SPF protection if you wish to apply at this time.



1) Gold dust Body wash - Night time only.

2) ISLA Healing oil or Spotless oil - Night time only (Best used with Body cream) Apply oil right after bath/shower - Then apply cream over!

3) Whitening night face cream - Night time only

4) Acne/Anti aging face soap - Night time only


Ingredient list

To view ingredients, please click on individual products. You’ll be redirected to their pages where you can view ingredients below product description!!




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