Our Serena full body set contains 100% organic products. 

It has been carefully put together to ensure you have the best whitening experience for your skin! 
We’ve made sure the set contains products for your daytime use (With sunscreen protection), and night time use for the best whitening process while you rest beautifully! 

Bundle contains 

1) Whitening body cream (with sunscreen protection so you can conveniently use during the day) & also at night.

2) Whitening & exfoliating body wash (morning & night) 

3) Healing oil ( for day time use) 

4) whitening oil (night time use) 

5) Whitening day Face cream ( with sunscreen protection)

6) Whitening night face cream (Night use) 

7) Serena Whitening face soap (Night time use) 

8) Acne/Anti aging face soap (Daytime use) 

9) Exfoliating & Whitening scrub! (Twice weekly only) 

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