SERENA | Citrus body Oil (200ml)

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100% Organic citrus based whitening oil.

Let this fast-absorbing formular - of 12 secret essential oils, vitamins, natural plants & herbs, citrus peels & extracts - help rejuvenate dull or tanned skin. It lightens & illuminates complexion to appear smoother, brighter with a radiating glow.

Contains sustainably derived organic ingredients. This bestselling oil improves the appearance of uneven skin, dark knuckles & marks. Along with its scintillating citrus fragrance, it leaves skin deeply moisturised all day long with a rich & nourishing hydrated feel. 

For the perfect toning experience, mix a quarter (1/4) of this bottle's content into your SERENA BODY CREAM & witness skin transform into the golden sunny tone. 


Apply to slightly damp skin - neck down only - Rub in until fully absolved into skin. Use once or twice daily.


Orange peel, Vitamin C & B3, Lemon oil extract, Pearl extract, Lemon juice, mango peel, & our 12 secret essential oils and herb


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