SERENA | NIGHT Whitening Face Cream


100% Organic whitening night face cream!

Our Serena night time facecream offers deep hydration with essences from bearberry leaf, grape seed, pearl, sesame & fruit extracts.

It is rich in amino acids and trace minerals that are highly moisturising, smoothening & promotes whitening effects to your skin.

Deeply moisturising, it is ideal for dry skin types, and also suitable for those with sensitive skin due to its mild & rich organic composition.

A final infusion of adenosine & niacinamide will also help improve discolouration, patches & sunburns, to promote a brilliantly baby clear complexion!.

Enjoy increased pliability, smoother & brighter skin with overall clarity of skin.



Once daily. Preferably at night time.

Ingredients list

Made with Bearberry leaf extract, niacinamide, adenosine, pearl extract, Sesame seed extract, Grape seed extract, snow white powder & Vitamins. 

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