Serena by Mabask - Extra Whitening - Herbal Face & Body soap


Serena by Mabask is an extra whitening face soap made from organic and natural ingredients including papaya and honey!

This soap whitens the complexion flawlessly and is safe to be used all over the body including face. it does not dry out the skin excessively and can also be used with a brightening oil of your choice to maintain a bright and brilliant complexion without the need for creams!

Also, It helps treat & remove body acne, spots, discolouration, evens out dark patches and blends the skin for a uniform and even complexion.

The soap lathers easily so a little rub goes a very long way!😉

Brilliant skin at its peak! 




Apply to damp skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then dampen skin. Reapply and rinse off. 

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