Russian White - The Body Cream


Are you light skinned or fair in complexion? Then the Russian Body Cream is the perfect beauty product for you. Designed to help with smoothening, clearing and clarifying of the skin in order to fade spots, marks and scars. Use of this product may help produce a very bright, clear and smooth skin complexion free from blemishes spots and ugly scars. Ideally best used with the Restoration & Healing oil to ensure skin is well moisturised and hydrated for the most effective results.



                          HOW TO USE 

Apply to skin from neck down after using Restoration & Healing oil. Avoid inner thighs and under breasts area. Use once daily preferably at night time. For quicker results, Use at night time without the oil but ensure to have used oil during the day to maintain moisture and hydration.  Use 3-4 times a week. 

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