Russian Brightening Body Scrub


Ideally, you stand a better chance of achieving desired results with your skincare products if you prepare your skin beforehand. 

The Russian scrub is a herbal & medicinal full body scrub, containing the highest grade of herbal infusions to exfoliate, soften, smoothen and illuminate your skin. Removes dead skin cells, debris and leaves skin visibly clearer, brighter, smoother and softer to the touch. Recommended as a first step routine in skincare, before starting a full body regimen. This will allow your products penetrate your skin better and create more effective results, and also save time/cost from unsatisfied experiences.  



                       HOW TO USE 

Scrub all over dry or wet skin (preferably dry or slightly damp), from neck down.  Leave on for 5-10 minutes (we recommend to scrub & go on about other business to avoid boredom) then rinse off with lukewarm or hot water (not scalding hot) or as preferred. Use twice weekly. 

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