POISE | Simple Lightening Glow Combo

£180.00 £260.00

Experience beautiful skin like never before! Visible results within 7-10 days! 💯

This combo has been put together to deeply moisturise & hydrate the skin, while also eliminating the appearance of dark body spots, white dots, body marks & scars. The combo will improve & fade away the appearance of stretchmarks & green veins, sunburn, discolouration or hyperpigmentation & also dark patches.

It flawlessly brightens the skin (up to 2 shades) for a luminous, visibly radiant & overall golden yellow tone 🌞

There are NO SIDE EFFECTS such as dark knuckles, blemishes, uneven skin or stretchmarks to be experienced here as this combo has been designed to eliminate any or all of such if they already exist on your skin.

The Poise body cream is our bestselling organic lightening glow body cream, which has been fortified with sunscreen & natural herbal extracts for your skin’s nourishment, healing & daytime protection. 

The ISLA healing & skin salving oil is an important combination as it helps serve as a controlling barrier against radicals that may promote uneven & spotty skin. It also ensures your skin always stays hydrated & keeps your epidermal layer moisturised & supple so that your results eventually come out looking uniform, even & natural toned without the infamous coke & Fanta syndrome! 


ISLA Healing oil: Apply to damp or wet skin after bath or shower (no need to towel dry). Rub in until full absolved. 

POISE BODY CREAM: Apply to well oiled skin. Use neck down only (Not suitable for face). Use once or twice daily or as preferred. If to be used only once - best to be used at nighttime before bed, or as your work & sleeping schedule permits. 

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