Permanent Pink Lip Gloss (15ml)


100% organically made to keep your lips permanently pink & luscious 💋


Let our unique blend of sweet almond oil, beeswax and 4 exotic regenerative properties nourish your lips to a pinkish perfection. With every use, this gentle exfoliating lip formula infuses a rich dose of vitamin E and other antioxidants which helps to combat and rejuvenate ageing, sun or cigarette burnt, darkened/patched lips.  A peeling or exfoliating sensation may be felt or noticed on your lips, but this is normal, and only part of the process - nothing for you to worry about! 

The results are exceptionally transformed lush & lusciously pink smooth lips, ready for your amazing selfie pouts! 😚 💋 😘 



Apply to lips 2-3 times daily. Best to always apply before going to bed for an overnight brightening process. For best results use with our Lip scrub for exfoliation & smoothening. Also apply with any moisturising lip balm of your choice to infuse & maintain moisture. 

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