Asian Secret - Citrus & Papaya (Face & Body soap)


GOOD NEWS! Finally a soap you can use safely for both face & body. The citrus & papaya is your new favourite time of the day & night.

Comes in two(2) 150g bars, all for you to skindulge!

Handcrafted and homemade - this FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH helps to clear body and facial spots, sunburn, discolouration, pigmentation, melasma, scars and marks from insect bites or surface cuts, and also promotes a vibrant & unified complexion from head to toe. 

Active ingredients include Citric acid, glutathione, Vitamin C & E, glycerin, coconut oil, and many more ancient secrets from the house of PELS!

Continuous & consistent use makes for a gradually radiant, youthful, luminous, natural, smooth and silky skin with the clearest complexion. 



Lather and apply all over face, neck & body. Leave for 10 minutes. Dampen skin and reapply. Rinse with lukewarm to cold water.  

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