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The Flawless Jamila body cream is another high end, very effective and fast acting formular from the HOUSE OF PELS. Greatly reduces the appearance of body spots, acne, blemishes, sunburn and scars. Brightens the skin evenly without whitening or giving an "MJ effect" (please forgive the pun).

If you've experienced the joys of Jamila on your face..just imagine what it would feel and look like having it on your body!... need i really say more? It is also important to mention, this body cream is NOT exactly a whitening cream but it does brighten the skin and gives a very calm yellow tone. (for extra brightness but still remaining on a calm yellow side - please use with the Forever Ageless oil)  - In essence, if you want all the benefits of the renowned Jamila babyface cream on your body as well- This body cream is a MUST HAVE!

Suitable and recommended for all women of colour regardless of skin type and  complexion. The results? - a unified and enviable transformation.

THICK AND RICH TEXTURE. The Jamila body cream is made with natural and organic ingredients including Collagen, Papaya extracts, Vitamin C & Kojic acid. 





             HOW TO USE

Apply thin layer on surface of skin. Preferably used once daily, only at night times. Can be used with or without the Restoration & healing oil. However, to promote Smooth and shiny surface skin, please include the oil to your regimen and may you SHINE FOREVER! Love, Mabask!


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