Cleopatra Royale - The Mini Combo


The three most essential items from the Cleopatra Royale Full Package. The Cleopatra mini combo comes with the Cleopatra Royale Lotion, Restoration & Healing oil & Babyface Facecream. These three products combined are effective for a beautiful and effective full body transformation.

Designed for people of colour, this complexion combo smoothens the skin, fades spots and stretch marks, brightens dark areas flawlessly and gives a uniform and even appearance to be envied. With added restorative properties for moisture, hydration and balance, the Cleopatra mini combo is suitable for anyone with stubborn or dry skin wanting to experience beautiful skin at its peak! 

***Suitable for all skin types and complexion. 



                                               HOW TO USE 

Restoration & Healing oil: For best results, apply to dripping wet skin after bath or shower - no need to towel dry - Rub in until fully absolved then move on to your body cream. Use twice daily. 

Cleopatra Royale Lotion: Apply to skin after using oil. Use once daily preferably at night time. For quicker results, Use at night time without the oil but ensure to have used oil during the day to maintain moisture and hydration.  

'Babyface’ face cream: Slightly dampen skin with very cold water before use. Apply to clean and damp skin with very clean fingertips. Rub in until fully absolved. Use once daily, preferably at night time. 



Tips: Before beginning this regimen, it is advisable to prepare your skin by using the Russian scrub to eliminate dead skin, open your pores and allow your products penetrate better into the skin for the best and most effective results. Goodluck xx

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