10 days Shower Gel


Give 10 days, to our exclusive shower gel & you will achieve -


A complexion whitening shower gel suitable for all skin types. If you've ever struggled with soaps giving you exactly what you want.. we honestly think you're in for a BIG "WOAH". Yeah, that would be you screaming "WOAH"!!

You literally just have to experience our organic and secret formular 'beads'. These beads will activate an exfoliating & micro peeling process when you apply the soap onto your skin. Don't worry, this process is simply normal and expected towards achieving your skin goals! (if it doesn't happen..SOMETHING"S OFF) 

Watch out for beautiful skin after 10 days! Some customers on the reviews below claim it took way less to see their results. HAHA! This could be you too, but you have to place that order first! 

Love, Mabask!


                 HOW TO USE 

Apply to damp skin, Leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Use twice daily. 


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