Monoi Tito Tahiti - 250ml

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The most remarkable & famous infusion for the best hydration & skin moisturising formular remains the combination of the Tiaré flower petal with coconut oil. 

The Tiaré flower is native to French Polynesia & has been used for centuries to maintain a soft supple & smooth skin. 

This formular is achieved by soaking the Tiaré flowers in coconut oil & follows a strict “enfleurage” system which sees this produce the most richly moisturising product perfect for treating extremely Dry, scaly & patching skin. 

With our Monoi Tito Tahiti - not only does it lock in moisture to hydrate skin, it helps firm up the skin’s epidermal layer to prevent thinning, it contains anti oxidant & anti inflammatory properties that help promote a healthy & well nourished skin.

We’ve also gone a few steps further by including glycosylated proteins (glycoconjugates) & marine collagen including properties to help improve the appearance of stretchmarks, relieve & blend sunburn & also additionally glow up the skin beautifully. So not only are you getting the amazing benefits of the popular Monoi formulation, you’re also getting smooth even & radiant slowing skin, that is supple-soft & visibly healthy & nourished.

Specially Home-made by Mabask London with the highest grades of ingredients all organic & sustainably derived to enhance your skin to its healthiest sheen ever! 

This product is perfect for treating & improving athlete’s feet, dry hands of skin, suntanned or sunburnt skin & helps promote a brilliantly glowing & even skin tone!! 


Apply all over skin from neck down. Not suitable for use on face. Use once or twice daily. Can be used in combination with whitening body creams as a moisturiser to maintain thin & firm skin! 


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