Isla Dark Knuckle Set (FULL)


**Slide through for homemade DIY video. Routine recommended as a Tip for best & quickest results. READ “TIPS”below for more info***

100% Organically made to clear & improve dry, dark pigmentations off KNUCKLES, ELBOWS, KNEES, FEET & HEELS!

The newly improved dark knuckle set now contains a group of 4 products

- The new & improved Dark knuckle cream - 50ml

- Isla Liquid Whitening & exfoliating scrub - 250ml

- Eleanor Knuckle Oil - 50ml

- 100g Indonesian Native soap! 100g

Our dark knuckle set is very active in treating, brightening & preventing the reappearance of dry, dark & pigmented knuckle stains on any tough part of your skin.

REMEMBER!! Mabask doesn’t believe in PEELING SOLUTIONS & thus this would not be experienced from using the products - A slight but hardly exfoliating process will ofcourse occur. 

The scrub helps gently exfoliate pigmented surfaces, remove dead skin cells & hereby assists the knuckle cream & other treatments to better penetrate deeper into the skin to manage & limit melanin production from within.

The Indonesian native soap is a super whitening native soap which effectively promotes brighter dark knuckles & even the general skin (apart from face). it also helps treat & fade away dark spots,white dots, rashes, marks & scars, eczema & many more on the skin to reveal a spotless & silky smooth skin.

The Eleanor Knuckle oil is your daily recommended carry about product, to help constantly maintain moisture into your hands & also keep the brightening process going!  

VISIBLE RESULTS WITHIN 2-3 weeks with consistent & correct use!


Please it is very important to READ & FOLLOW directions as provided below for best results👇 👇 
Tip Provided is not compulsory & only at your discretion! 



LIQUID SCRUB : Apply to dry hands or affected areas & scrub for up to 3-5 minutes with special attention to specific dark areas. Leave to rest for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water!  USE ONLY 2-3 TIMES A WEEK & NOT ANYMORE. 

Indonesian Native Soap: Apply to slightly damp hands & affected areas. Rub in to absolve then leave for 10-15 minutes. Dampen & apply again to emulsify skin, wash gently but thoroughly. Rinse off with lukewarm water. USE ONCE OR TWICE DAILY. (If used twice - do not leave for full time at both intervals. For one session, just lather & wash hands, & rinse off within 2-3 minutes). 

Knuckle Cream; Apply to clean hands & rub in to full absolve. Apply with specific attention to darker areas. Use once, twice or three times daily! 

knuckle oil; Bottled in a 50ml travel size bottle. (highly recommended to carry with your as you go about your day)

This concentrated oil is designed to help keep your hands & affected areas constantly moisturised & hydrated, while also actively maintaining the treatment & brightening process for brighter & more unified knuckle appearance! 

Tip: On day ma meant for scrubbing, mix a little of your Indonesian native soap - in a separate bowl -  with some the Isla Liquid scrub, stir properly until a liquid msmooth paste or texture is achieved.

Leave this concoction to rest for up to 1-2 hours before using. Please do make sure to finish or dispose of any remaining content when done. 

Scrub on Hands, feet, elbows, knees etc. Leave to rest on scrubbed areas for up to 20minutes before rinsing off with Lukewarm water. Then apply cream or oil as listed above! 

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