Hydrating & Clarifying Face Toner - 200ml (Refreshens, smoothens, hydrates, clarifies & softens facial skin)


100% Organic face toner made with Chamomile, Rose petals & other natural actives.

Benefits: This flower-based face refreshing toner will help improve the appearance of rough, dry & dehydrated skin. It is 100% alcohol free & specially formulated to soothe all skin types even to the most sensitive skin.

The Eleanor face toner is infused with natural actives, chamomile, saffron, rose petals & other skin rejuvenating  properties to help refine & remove dirt from open pores, soften dead skin cells, control pimples, rashes & acne while actively promoting a healthy & glowing surface skin.
The result is a hydrated & visibly smoother satin-soft skin, with overall clarity to your complexion

Tip; Highly recommended to use as a spray mist on the skin during a busy day to instantly rejuvenate & awaken your facial appearance.

Use twice daily.
Apply with cotton wool to cleanse face. Emerge revitalised with a refreshing feel.

Saffron, Chamomile tea, Sunflower seed, Bamboo leaf extract, Neem, Tea tree, Salicylic, & Witch Hazel.

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