We're a London based brand. We make sought after Africa products easily accessible to customers living in the western world. To do this, we're welcoming & incorporating one African brand at a time into our home. 

Mabask dedicates and prides itself on relationship building with its customers, we are a customer oriented brand, willing to go that extra mile just for you. Mabask was founded on the idea that Africans living in the diaspora, need not go through so much hassle just to lay hands on their beloved brands situated back home. Which is why we have taken the initiative to present these goods to you, by breaking the barriers of excruciatingly long and expensive shipping times, and also reducing the possibility of being scammed or purchasing goods not as seemingly displayed. we like to say "think amazon for the African brand, think MABASK!". Therefore, we intend to fully play an important role on placing Africa on the commercial map. This we will achieve by conquering the world one brand at a time. Today, we present to you, a brand well trusted and loved by many, The PELS BEAUTY SKINCARE. enjoy!