Restoration & Healing oil


A miracle invention by Pels skincare, enriched with the purest forms of natural plant extracts. The restoration and healing oil comes bombarded with a rich blend of gotu kola, snail extract, vitamin B3 & E, emu oil, coconut oil and some bespoke Egyptian secrets that just gives it that extra buzz thousands of women have come to love. The restoration and healing oil;

  • promotes skin elasticity
  • repairs & restores thinning skin
  • reduces & eliminates the appearance of stretch marks
  • evens out skin discolouration
  • fades out discolouration & blends the complexion of the skin



                                               HOW TO USE

For best results, apply to dripping wet skin after bath or shower - no need to towel dry - Rub in until fully absolved. Use once or twice daily. 

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